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Spiritual Planning

It’s a fact - We all grow up! 

We measure our lives not by how much we grow, but by what we grow to become. In the Jewish tradition, we use language like ‘growing our souls,’ so we may become individuals of substance and conscience. Reaching the plateaus of soulful connection and social responsibility is a journey worth sharing. Indeed, lovingly sharing the journey with others is one of life’s greatest achievements.

How to grow up is the subject of intense study and reflection. Modern psychology helps us identify basic virtues we should aspire to acquire, practice and master, like hope, independence, vision, skill, loyalty, love, care, and wisdom.  Even the ancient texts of Jewish wisdom, called the Ethics of our Ancestors, or Pirkei Avot, outlines 15 stages of life through which we all grow. 

Moving through each stage often requires help, mentorship, and a plan.  Once a week or once a month is a valuable commitment to make in your personal journey toward soulful living. I invite you to discover the inner strength you possess and provide for you the tools to practice your skills of meaningful living.

Course Offerings Include:


Mussar - Soul Mastery

Embracing Life and Death with Dignity



Your Best Life Yet™

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